Admissions Process

Student Application Process

  • Fall semester acceptance timeline is from March to September
  • Winter semester acceptance timeline is from December to January

Student Requirements:

  • Students must be at least 13 years of age to enter the 9th grade
  • Every student must have successfully completed the 8th grade
  • Each student will be individually evaluated for age and credit status to determine the student's ability to meet the graduation requirements of Mott Middle College

Admissions Process:

Student and parent must attend a Parent Information Night (no one is accepted without attending an information night). Parent/guardian should call (810) 232-8530 for current information night dates and times. Parent information nights are held in the Mott Memorial Building Auditorium, Main Floor MMB 1130, on the Mott Community College campus.
Mott Community College Campus Map
Driving Directions to Mott Community College

The parent/guardian should call (810) 232-8530 for current information night dates and times.

Required Paperwork

The following required paperwork must be completed and on file in the Mott Middle College main office:

  • 8th grade report card
  • Original certified birth certificate (copy not accepted)
  • Current immunization record
  • High school transcripts

Mandatory Entrance Assessments

Once paperwork is on file, a student will be notified when they will be able to test. Testing is scheduled on an individual basis. This assessment is designed to determine incoming grade level for class/course placements. Students are tested in math, reading comprehension, and writing.

Student Entrance File Review

Once a student has tested, their file is reviewed by the counselor and sent to committee. The committee determines whether the student can proceed to the interview.

Parent/Student Interview

A mandatory parent and student interview is required prior to consideration for acceptance. Parents will be notified by phone regarding interview date and time.

Mott Middle College High School Committee Review

The enrollment committee meets to determine the final decision on acceptance. Student will be notified of results either with a phone call or by mail.

A Student Orientation Required

Once a student has been notified that they have been accepted, a student orientation session is required. New students must attend a summer seminar for high school success called the GAPS program. This experience introduces them to the mission, guidelines, practices, and beliefs of the Mott Middle College community. This orientation covers but is not limited to:

  • Basic Choice Theory Philosophy
  • Brain Dominance Self Assessment
  • Campus Tour
  • Learning Style Inventory Assessment
  • Other General Information such as bus passes, office protocol, using the phones, etc.
  • Safety and Security Information to include Student Handbook information and policies and procedures