Graduation Requirements

MMC Graduation Requirements

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  • Students must commit to completing a 5th year of high school
  • Students must meet the graduation requirements of at least 22 high school credits
  • Students are expected to complete as many hours towards an Associates Degree as possible. (including 12-15 credits in approved dual credited courses)
  • Students must successfully complete three 1 credit college courses in Study Skills, Intro to Computers, and Leadership to meet the Career Education .50 credit requirement
  • Students must successfully complete a 60 hour unpaid internship
  • Students must complete their Educational Development Plan (EDP)
  • Students must complete and present their exit portfolio
  • Note: Students may earn credit during three semesters: Fall, Winter, and Spring, as well as transferring in credits from the feeder school
  • The State of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Education have recently changed the current graduation requirements. For additional information visit the Michigan Department of Education website
  • To graduate from Mott Middle College, beginning with the class of 2011, you need to fulfill the following high school credit requirements:
    • 4 credits Language Arts/Communication
    • 4 credits Math (including a Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and a senior year math or math related course)
    • 3 credits World Studies (to include .50 credit in Civics, .50 credit in Economics, 1.0 credit in U.S. History and geography and 1.0 credit in World History and geography)
    • 3 credits Science (to include 1.0 credit in Biology, 1.0 credit in Physical Science, and 1.0 credit in Chemistry or Physics)
    • 3 credits Health/Physical Education/Life Management (minimum 1 health or 1 P.E. or .50 Health and .50 P.E.
    • 2 credits Fine Arts/Cultural and Aesthetic Awareness
    • 1 credit Internship/Career Education/Online Credit or MCC's one credit hour courses: CASD 121, SOCS 299 and COMG 150
    • 2 credits Electives (including two World Languages for the class of 2016)
    • 22 total credits minimum
    • The Foreign Language credit (if needed) will come through dual enrollment

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