Accreditation History

  • Mott Middle College is the first middle college high school to achieve North Central Association (NCA) accreditation
  • Mott Middle College is also the first school to pilot using the Critical Friends Review (CFR) process to fulfill the NCA outcomes-based accreditation process
  • The nationally recognized North Central Accreditation academic "seal of approval" gives the public and institutions of higher education the assurance that a quality education is provided for students attending and graduating from Mott Middle College
  • Mott Middle College received both goal and planning level approval from NCA effective April 16, 2001
  • Mott Middle College continues to be an NCA accredited school by fulfilling the expected requirements each year. In 2005, Mott Middle College hosted their NCA/CFR Results Visit. A team comprised of K-12 educators from Michigan, New York, and Tennessee spent three days onsite observing, examining student work, and interviewing parents, students, teachers, and support staff to determine how Mott Middle College met its target goals
  • The team recommended Mott Middle College high school for accreditation status, having determined that they more than met their goal requirements. Accreditation status was approved by the State of Michigan in March 2006

Current Requirements

  • In the 2006-07 school year, the State of Michigan and North Central Association revised their School Improvement Processes. Mott Middle College faculty is receiving ongoing training on the new State of Michigan School Improvement Frameworks, the North Central Association AdvancED Standards, and the Critical Friends Review Process in preparation for their next team visit

Mott Middle College Target Goals

  • Improve writing literacy across the curriculum
  • Improve problem solving literacy across the curriculum
  • Improve civility literacy across the curriculum
  • Improve reading literacy across the curriculum