Code of Conduct and Student Handbook

Code of Conduct

Mott Middle College high school staff expects its students to be committed to:

  • Attending all classes every day
  • Functioning in a college environment (e.g., changing buildings, walking across campus in inclement weather, etc)
  • Acting appropriately in a professional/public environment
  • Maintaining the student academic and affective guidelines as set forth by Mott Middle College, Mott Community College, and the Genesee Intermediate School District
  • Following the Mott Middle College Student Handbook
  • Completing all state and federal mandates as designated through NCLB and Education YES! (e.g., complete and update an Educational Develop Plan (EDP) annually, work on a portfolio for graduation, and present their portfolio)
  • Maintaining successful academic work in both high school and college courses
  • Preparing to accept leadership roles both on campus and in efforts to replicate the middle college concept

MMC Student Handbook

The Mott Middle College Student-Parent Handbook outlines the policies, procedures, and guidelines for all MMC students.

General Student Information Handbook

The General School Information handbook contains details important to all MMC students. Information includes, but is not limited to: graduation requirements, dual enrollment/early admissions, academic supports, attendance policies, campus policies, grading system, as well as various topics about specific student privileges.