Since 1991, Mott Middle College has been a recipient of grant funds from the Mott Foundation. These funds support the school in three ways, replication, research and outreach.


Mott Middle College serves as the replication model school for other middle/early colleges both in Michigan and around the country. Serving as the Center for Middle and Early College Replication, Mott Middle College faculty and staff assist other schools in the development and implementation of middle/early colleges. This includes school s interested in starting a middle/early college visiting Mott Middle College on a regular basis and Mott Middle College faculty and administration traveling to interested schools to provide input for the design and collaboration necessary to open a school. The current Mott Foundation Grant supports the development of a statewide Early/Middle College Association in the beginning stages of scaling up dual enrollment across general public education high schools.


The first research completed on Mott Middle College was the dissertation by Dr. Chery S. Wagonlander entitled: "An Investigation into Critical School Factors That Foster Positive Re-Engagement for At-Risk Youth". This research was ground breaking in its discovery regarding Genesee County's "at-risk" population. Multiple action research projects in core content curriculum areas and in the development of wrap around services for at-risk youth have been completed.

Mott Middle College administration and faculty recently completed a 3 year reflective practice study under the facilitation of Dr. Beverly Geltner. The study culminated in the publication of a pdf and hard copy text titled: "The Differences That Make a Difference: How One Middle Early College Serves as a "Treasured Place" For Its At-Risk High School Students, Staff and Community". This document details: the founding of Mott Middle College, establishing a professional school culture, developing an appropriate school structure, designing curriculum and teaching, engaging and involving parents, students, staff and community testimonials, and lessons learned.

Current research focuses on aggregated data collection, analysis and application for twelve Middle/Early Colleges in the State of Michigan and the continued development of the Michigan Early/Middle College Association (MEMCA). This data project is a collaboration among Michigan Department of Education, the Middle College National Consortium, Mott Middle College and MEMCA.

In addition, Dr. Geltner is facilitating a second reflective practice research project to develop an indicator instrument for measuring the level of effective college readiness structures, pedagogy and student interventions within high schools.