Research, Replication and Outreach


Mott Middle College is a research based school. Mott Middle College was designed around the best practice research in teaching and learning. Mott Middle College is a guidance based school based on the research of Dr. William Glasser, Choice Theory and Dr. William Purkey, Invitational School.

In addition, Mott Middle College maintains on-going research of student progress in a number of ways, pre and post reading and math scores and learning style inventories. Fifth-year graduates are required to complete a portfolio presentation and complete exit testing that asks them to comment about their Mott Middle College experience. Mott Middle College maintains this data on file to use in determining best practice for teaching and learning.


Mott Middle College is a coaching site for new Middle Early colleges across the country. The principal and staff provide on-going technical assistance for assigned school and/or schools. New and/or potential schools also visit Mott Middle College and meet with staff regarding best practice.

This work has been supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation since the inception of the school and in recent years by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation via the Middle College National Consortium


  • American Social History Project
  • ASHP Sample Lesson Plans
  • Improving Transitions-Math
  • MM/EC faculty and staff serve as a curriculum outreach coaches for other Middle college high schools.